sâmbătă, 7 martie 2015

Moon's elegy

You, the echoes of worms in universe’s womb,
The unholy star of my fiendish hearts!
Once the livid bride shining in chaos,
You would have me cuffed in your tainted lips.

Oh, tender flesh and tenebrous brilliance!
Endless thru the star fetuses’ graveyard I seek you,
And when night is lit in candles of fossil dawn
My longing strays to have you embraced.

Epochs of cadaveric times have come and passed!
From the hours of passion’s wrath to which we enshrouded
And the longing breaths of abyssal sorrow
Now all is left with the stench of your ambrosial miasma.

Sinful pleasures, chaste immorality!
Undying! Grieving nightmares of future annihilations!
You withered in a ruinous star’s descent
That leaves a ghastly light haunting.

You withered! And in my vagrancy
I did not find any other corpse to taint my veins,
So I torment thoughts and parchments
For you, oh moon, to hear beyond dawn’s grave!

Decadent angel with nursing bowels!
Like a rusted devourer you had embalmed me
And then to the thirteenth hell of darkened lust
You hasted to make your apparition, leaving me...

Leaving me as a sacrificial gift to the chaotic twilight,
A souvenir of flesh and roses upon the ivory bones altar,
Of flashes, twilights exposed enigmatic, gruesome and livid love,
Lash of thy ebony hair, cool shade of thy breasts which sieged me…

A natural lyric souvenir, excited by your hypnotic glance
It feeds upon thy opium gown of silver moonlight;
The throne that rules and binds muses to gods
Bows in front of you, oh, moon!

You, protector of the sinful saints,
Awakened in me all my apocalyptic quills;
Receive these words to carry them to otherworldly planes
Like a relinquished echo of our decay!

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