joi, 22 aprilie 2010

The dark poem

You can enter the eternal darkness and try to steal my soul
But the hope that Chaos will return still makes my eyes glow…
Then you remember that you came alone…
All mortal souls walked unprepared for what is about to happen.
As every step put them closer and closer to the battle zone
They heard my voice and saw in their souls eyes what is about to happen.
My three hearts you want in peace to rest?!
I’ll send you in an endless torment….it will be the best
After our last encounter I’ve heard you say:
“Does he still recall me?” and by the way…
I do recall you and you're on my list.
So get away…run as far as you can…hide in the world mist,
Cause I’m coming for you and you’ll see
The demon inside that wants to come out and play with thee.
I’ll be there when you watch over your back, your shadow I shall become
And in fear your dreams and mortal soul I’ll drown.
So hear me now as I summon upon the army of the Mistress of Darkness:
“Skeleton warriors and plague zombies of the undead,
The children of night… terrifying lycans and the vampire lords,
The fearless azure dragons and the mighty titans.
Come and bring upon this realm terror and fear
And history shall remember none of them my dear!
Cause when they’ll say that all is over you’ll be here too
The black death….the darkest bitter kisses to you!”