joi, 22 aprilie 2010


2031......A world divided by the last nuclear war...divided literally.....united thru twenty-five thousand bridges...the north and south pole are now poles of heat...the equator is now the cold center of Earth...Temperature goes daily from minus 60 to plus 96 degrees Celsius. There are 7 remaining cities, or at least remains of cities. Ruins of the big metropolitan areas.....once crowded, now merely „haunted” on their surfaces. Each one has developed according to the seven states of human mind evolution.....Most of us don’t live in those cities....we have no nationality or religion....we go as nomads trying to change what has been done....we fight each day for survival....we are the last pirates of the sand.....yes! there is no water.....we drink now the sand in it’s pure form.....we are changed...our blood is like boiling gold and our heart...we now have three for each human state (the child, the grown and the old).
Now the night comes upon the earth....the regular day is 56 hours: 40 hours day and 16 night...Fog and mist rises from the ground and instead of one we now have five moons, one for each season (from the deepest cold to the melting heat)....tonight no star smiles upon the sad no place you can run or hide from them. Not humans, not pirates...the war made them surface once more...from their eternal graves....undead, werewolves and vampires...The night calls to them and begones us in the deepest corners of underground. They live in tribes and hunt in packs. The vampires are also called Lords....that because they are the smart ones and lead the clans. The Underdogs are the werewolves. They are used as scouts and spies....shape shifters who gather information for the lords....The zombies are just raw meat...excuse me! I’ve meant rotten meat! They are dumb as the black night and the basic pack of the army.
Me? What about me u say? Well...I’m in the dark, smelly odd looking cave i like to call home. Not that is like an all-day regular home but is the place I’ve been for 12 times in my life. This is the 13th time....probably my last... I am going to my bed guided by the voice of her blood. The image of her face runs wild from each heart to another. I have no name, can’t remember who i am or where i am from. Can’t remember what i have been doing before the War....but i guess that doesn’t matter right now. For the past years i have been running and fighting...Family? I think i had one...I must’ve had one....but that... was a long time ago. As i walk on the floor’s surface i make no sound...I must be like a ghost...i am a ghost of the former person. All pale and with red eyes...I sit...I sit in my bed and i just hold her in my darkest thoughts’ arms until the last moment....Mother Earths final is coming as it had been foretold......soon there shall be nothing left of us.....A second Big Bang shall come and from the ashes a new Planet and civilization shall rise......we do not know what will be after that....all we know is that these are the final moments...the moments we say good bye to our loved ones and make our final testimonies and wishes....Are we ready? It dosen’t matter....cause it’s here...3...2...1....