joi, 22 aprilie 2010


The infinite of time is defied by my road at your side…
In the deepest dark you are my guiding light.
Even if we are surrounded by a universe of evil skies
I find myself freed by the love in your heart and the depth of your eyes.
Only in your loving arms my souls peace is granted,
You are the bitter-sweet dark mistress I ever wanted!
Two seconds of boredom by your side I won’t give…
For all eternity without you if I’d live!
As the purest breeze and a heat wave to me you came,
With our love we set the world on fire...
But who is there to blame?
The battle inside me was over today,
As the angel inside survived to live the day…
To live the day and love you….in every single way,
In the rainbow you’ll see my heart embracing you,
In every raindrop you’ll feel my kiss,
My love will guide you like the morning sunray;
And each and single day and every night will be just like this!