joi, 22 aprilie 2010

A rainside story (letter from a fallen one)

Thunders and lightning, thunderbolts and blood, cinders and mist.... I am lurking from the dark and as your shadow i will make you mine for all eternity....I am the master of your soul, the one who you have imprisoned in this human body. you shall be tormented at every step you take by the thought that you murdered my spirit and with every raindrop you will feel my bitter kiss bringing you down to your knees. you said you don't know my parents....well here they are....the mighty chaos, the one that brings the perpetual night is my father and my mother....the lady that brings life as a second chance...the black death. you have abandoned me in the hands of despair now it's my turn to demonstrate the full power of a fallen. you shall embrace your own thoughts, and suffer the very same plague that you brought to my world and to me....hear my evil laugh and mark my words when i say: love is the most powerful weapon in my possession and love will destroy you because you never knew what is love and how to use it....all u cared was about i will use my love to destroy you.